Welcome to my website!

Research Interest

As an empirical researcher, I am interested in the Economics of Digitization and Platforms. Specifically, I study an engineering question: How should different parts of two-sided platforms, such as the reputation system, the recommendation system and matchmaking algorithms, be designed to serve different goals?

My current projects include evaluating the effectiveness of weak ties for product adoption, designing a matchmaking algorithm for maximizing consumer engagement and understanding the review distribution across platforms. I am enthusiastic about using natural language processing methods to gain insights from unstructured data and incorporate this knowledge with structural/reduced-form frameworks.

My PhD supervisor is Avi Goldfarb and I am fortunate to have Daniel Goetz, Nitin Mehta and Matthew Osborne and Avi on my committee. Before joining Rotman, I worked with Daniel L. Chen on NLP applications with legal texts.

Fun facts about me

  • Every city I spent most of my time living in is not far from 40°0′N
  • From Beijing –> Toulouse –> Toronto, I have been traveling all the way to the west (Journey to the West, yes!)
  • All schools I have attended have logos with similar shades of blue: CUFE, TSE, UofT

Last updated: September 25th, 2021